Be Specific

I think sometimes we’re so much in the habit of asking for things and praying for ideal outcomes, that we forget why we want them.  

That wonder,

that vague space,

can quickly diminish the prep work you’ve done in your thoughts, and lessen your goal to nothing but a hazy idea.

Be specific.

During the last few days of 2014, I finally heard my father.

I go home to New York often. I talk with my parents daily. But for some reason, when my father was watching Still Bill (best ding dang documentary on Bill Withers,) he said “be specific.” And in that moment I realized why my wants hadn’t manifested into realities. My father flipped my freaking world upside down with two words.

*Note: He said this to me with a mouth full of Cheez-its, and I’m pretty sure he watched stone faced as I freaked out like this here:

funny gifs

So that moment, was the start of my bettered thought process. Immediately, I ran to my email and told my friends, my spirit was saying “Whitney, bring your self to Portland.”


I had no idea.

I felt this pull to a place that I had never been, I knew I had to go to Portland (Oregon,) I knew that I wanted to meditate and I knew that I wanted to celebrate the people that make me, me.


If and when you plan a birthday trip, you should probably give your people more than a month to prepare…. Don’t be like me.

Portland happened and it was cosmic. My spirit was so alive. I was able to celebrate my friends before my birthday, thanking them for never letting me fall. We ate, we meditated at the Movement Center (which by the way was pretty intense, we did open eye for an hour. Whitney does not recommend this for beginner zenners,) we had our aura’s read by Radiant Human and we hung out with the sweetest gem, Tina Le.

Every moment was magic.

But why wouldn’t it be? I was super specific about what I wanted and my intentions were pure.

While we were there, I asked my friends to let go of any weight, to think about what they wanted and to be specific.

My statement to the universe was that I wanted a mountain man (a boyfriend (see future posts)) and I wanted to see the United States.

Both things are happening.

If I can offer you anything, let me be my Cheez-it-Bill-Withered Dad in this moment.

Be specific.

Find your Portland and move on it.