Whitney Mitchell - Twomacks


I’m Whitney.

I am a photographer, social media content creator, and digital strategist, living and working in New Orleans.

Most importantly - I’m a Staten Islander that enjoys being from Staten Island and has never told a soul that I’m from Brooklyn.

Currently, I’m the Director of Social Media at FSC Interactive, a boutique digital marketing agency in the beautiful Garden District. I lead a team of professionals in developing digital media solutions for on-going brand awareness and direct response campaigns.

When I’m not thinking through strategy and tactical executions, I create.

For the past five years, I’ve written blogs and shaped content for brands like the National Parks Foundation, Veuve Clicquot, Teva, Essence Magazine, and Racked.com - reflecting lived experiences to amplify organization brand reach goals.

I’m super passionate about domestic travel, my living room, being outside and creating human connections for socially responsible brands.

I’m available for chats about targeted brand campaigns, visual content, and blogging about my silly experiences.

Let’s connect!