Goodwill Thrifting in New Orleans

In a city full of expression, a flamboyance that never changes yet somehow creates more surprises than the past year of Facebook gender reveals – New Orleans is home. For the past 11 years here I’ve been taught the skill of intention, imagination and the power of chance – most times, all at once – like this summer, and my recent partnership with Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Louisiana.

A few weeks back I was invited to shop at the 3 Goodwill locations in the Greater New Orleans area to put my learnings to test.

*This is the intentional part:*

I called my dear friend Morgan. Said three words:

  1. Goodwill
  2. With
  3. Ya-girl

And set the course for thrifting.


( More on Morgan:

  • Morgan is the queen of costume casual.
  • Her knack for sourcing pieces that connect personality with texture and fit is unparalleled.
  • She likes dogs. & poets. )

 Photos by x oquinntographer

Photos by xoquinntographer

Each of the Goodwill locations have totally different experiences – all donations are re-sold at the store of its receiving. (Which is actually helpful. If you’re looking for something a little more glam, go to Metairie – because, Old Metairie.)

Morgan and I spent time creating a few looks that would potentially set me up for an awesome bumble swipe or lend toward a really chill, mid-day waltz in the Lower Garden. There's something super therapeutic about racks and racks of color coordinated throwback tees and muu muu dresses – it’s an invitation to create and a call for patience.


I’ve been making a concerted effort to be more intentional with my “yes”. Saying yes to partnerships that create opportunities for others – and continue to reinvest in the city I call home. My partnership with Goodwill SELA was a no brainer. Goodwill as an organization has diverted over 28 million pounds of clothing and textiles from landfills and has 13 different workforce development programs. The sustainability of this city is coming from the ground up. 

Morgan and I had a blast moving through the many aisles of possibilities and we hope you do too.  

Wherever you are, I challenge you, run to your nearest Goodwill and create your next look.

Let your intentions and imagine guide you. <3

This post was written in partnership with Goodwill of Southeastern Louisiana.